About our young adult ministry

What is Young Adult Ministry? Are we talking about the young or the young-at-heart?

Young Adults is our local effort as a church to reach the bracket of young people who are of college and early career ages. This is a tricky demographic to reach because many students study at colleges or universities that are a great distance from Grace for most of the year, while others remain close to home. Additionally, those who graduate or have entered the workforce find themselves in an awkward, in-between phase of life.

We are seeking to bridge the divide between those who exit high school and those who are on to marriage and family life.

We believe that the Bible is the Word-breathed-out by God. It reveals the truth about God, ourselves, and life.

In fact, it is our ultimate authority in all matters of life and our guide into godly living.

We also value community between Christians. This means that when we come together, we seek to resemble the earliest Christians by studying the Bible, praying together, sacrificing of ourselves in service, exhorting one another, and being accountable to each other.

We seek to equip the saints through sound doctrine and teaching, prayer, and exhortation so that they may be

ready to engage the world around them with the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.