What We Believe


We exist to love God and love others - enough to take the Gospel to our neighbors.


We will be a loving family that is passionately devoted to God, 

submits to and prays for one another, equips one another to be more like Jesus, 

and demonstrates to others the beauty of Christ.

We Believe

  • The Bible is God's word for everyone.  It is without error and the ultimate authority for all of life.
  • There is one God, existing in three distinct, equal persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Every person is created in the spiritual image of God.  However, everyone is born with a sinful nature (a captivating propensity to reject God).  As a result, humanity suffers both physical and spiritual death ( separation from relationship with God).  This is a condition from which we need to be rescued.
  • Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, and is at the same time both fully God and fully man.
  • Jesus satisfied God's (the Father) requirement of moral perfection when he lived a sinless life, gave his life on a cross to pay the debt our sins incurred, and was resurrected from the grave.  Because of this, Jesus defeated death (physical and spiritual) and freely attributes his perfect moral record to everyone who stops rejecting God, yields their life to him as Lord, and rests (in faith) in his ability and promise to save them from the Father's wrath.  We call this, salvation.
  • We believe that all who receive the Lord Jesus Christ by faith are born again of the Holy Spirit and thereby become the children of God. 

"I told you the most important part of the message exactly as it was told to me. 

Christ died for our sins, as the Scriptures say. He was buried, and three days later he was raised to life, as the Scriptures say.”

 The Apostle Paul, 1 Corinthians 15:3-4

If you would like a copy of our full statement of faith and beliefs,   click here.

The Story of the Bible

We believe that the Bible tells one, overarching story of redemption that all points to Jesus.  This short video, by The Bible Project, helpfully illustrates our understanding of the Bible Story.

For more helpful resources like this, check out The Bible Project on YouTube.